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My Story: How I chose my passion against all odds.

My name is Anya and this is my blog. Friends and family know me as Lavanya. This blog is a product of me battling insecurities, fear, imposter syndrome but doing it anyway.

I currently live in the beautiful Pacific NorthWest. I love coffee, star gazing and anything with chocolate. I have lived here for 6 years and am so grateful for the family, friends and community that have helped me grow into my best self.

As a child my biggest strength was curiosity. I never understood why life was meant to be lived in a certain pattern. This led me to experiment with life and try new things.

I explored engineering, animation, jazz, art workshops with a dream of finding my purpose but it was not until I started writing that I knew this was my calling in life and all my other pursuits were just stepping stones to get me there.

I started to spend more time studying about entrepreneurship and experimenting ideas. Along the way I realized how crucial is time management. I then came up with this schedule that helped me manage my time and also allowed me to have some free time every day. I enrolled in Entrepreneurial Leadership in UW and went on to pursue my Leadership Principles from Harvard School.

I was fortunate to work in a SAAS company for over 5 years. I began to understand the marketing in a digital world and how it can be used as a tool for success.

After hustling for almost a year along with my day job, I knew I had it in me to explore my passions along personal development and productivity through writing, blogging and freelancing.

I take it upon myself to educate readers on topics such as personal growth, productivity, and self-development with quick tricks they can use to improve their lives.

Outside of Writing and building my business, I love

  • Dancing like no one is watching
  • Cooking and experimenting ingredients
  • taking off on adventures

As a writer specializing in entrepreneurship and personal development, I offer copywriting services for those who want to increase their success rate. Book an appointment with me or drop me an email at