June 9, 2022

What is personal growth and how to get started

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Your phone can make your life efficient but it cannot replace the power of being a human. Personal growth is a unique journey for every individual. Personally, its been the most rewarding experience in my life. From dealing with imposter syndrome and judgement, I have learnt how to deal with situations that don’t work in my favor. This article talks about personal growth areas and what you can do today to kickstart your development journey.

Hi! I am Anya. I am a copywriter and a content creator. You’ll find me writing on topics related to entrepreneurship, marketing and personal development, but most importantly with hacks that you can use to live a fulfilled life.

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Personal Growth is learning the skills to develop habits and routines (tailored to your life) in all areas which in turn helps you to reach your goals and respond mindfully to any chaos life throws at you. Here are the 4 areas of your life to understand your personal growth journey

  1. Self growth – What are you goals and how do you deal with beliefs?
  2. Interpersonal Growth – How do you deal with relationships ?
  3. Personal wellness – How do you take care of yourself ?
  4. Spiritual Growth – How do you surrender and stay grounded ?
What is personal growth and how to get started

4 Areas of Personal growth

1. Self growth

How do you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror ? Are you excited to live your life today or do you feel exhausted to get out of bed ? However old you are, self- growth can be incorporated any time in your life. It takes one action from you. To believe that you deserve a better life and that you can achieve whatever you need. Think about about who you are today and who do you want to be. Here are a few tips to get started on your journey.

a. Write down your goals

Goals are easy to set but hard to follow because it needs consistent action almost every day. This could be from losing weight to starting a business. Goals are your desires and it solely depends on how much you really want it. My gym coach’s best response whenever I was exhausted is ” How badly do you want it”?. Taking action when you feel lost can be challenging but remember if it was easy every one will be doing it.I love writing my goals in my workspace so I can see them everyday. Write what you want and believe you can achieve them.

b. Develop good habits

Whatever you do on auto-pilot is your habit. This can be both good and bad for you. Everyday you take a shower. This habit sets you off to a good start and works well. But if you are used to eating junk food while watching television, that’s a habit too. Here’s the truth about habits. Its difficult to break an existing habit than to create a new habit. But knowing your goals and understanding how to create habits that work can help you attain your goals faster. Nobody is born with habits. Its cultivated and you can too develop a system that works for you. To make this easier on you, start with one habit and try to be consistent.

c. Mindset is everything

Even the most ambitious goals cannot work with a mindset that cannot adapt and grow. You have the conscious mind reasoning every thing you see and the unconscious that holds your beliefs. Think about training your dog. Does it happen overnight ? No. But you stay patient with your dog and give treats as rewards when it obeys you. Your mind needs to be trained as well. Your beliefs come from your childhood. Sometimes beliefs work in your favor, but if you family had a hard time then you may have inherited some beliefs that may not work for your life today. Here’s the deal. Its not your fault that you inherited beliefs that don’t work for your life but its your responsibility as an adult to fix them. Research shows how your mindset is the foundation of your life. Here’s an article that talks about what is a mindset and why it matters.


What is personal growth and how to get started

2. Interpersonal Growth

Have you taken a moment to wonder why there are so many problems around your life ? It could vary from conflicts to judgement. Either you are trying to prove some thing to someone or you are running away from your intuition to be accepted. Its a wonder that we humans exist with the amount of chaos around us. You cant blame the people. You are surrounded by breaking news.There’s panic every where. Most people cope with that they know. As much as you would to run off to an island for ever, you got to come back to your life. So, how do you stay sane amidst all the relationships that you have ? These 3 tactics has worked for me and I am sure it will for you as well.

a. how to have difficult conversations when you don’t like conflict

Every human mind is unique and so conflicts shouldn’t be a big deal. If you are terrified of telling your opinion because the other person may disagree, try telling how you feel and set yourself free. Conversations don’t have to be consensus all the time and its okay to disagree. You can always learn from a conversation even if you don’t agree on the opinion. This takes practice but start with one relationship where you feel safe to be yourself.

b. why setting boundaries is important

Setting boundaries does not mean you are running away from a relationship. But if you value the relationship then both your needs have to be met. The first step is communicating your needs. You don’t know how the person may react but you ll get to know what to do after that moment. After all the relationship should work for both of you. Feeling suffocated ? Take some time off. If your needs are not met, you cannot nurture any one else. What others think about you is none of your business but how you respond to your needs determine the respect you have for yourself. Follow your heart, the rest will fall in place.

c. why negotiation is important

I was of the impression negotiation is for lawyers or cops. If you think about it, you negotiate all day with people around you.Can you find a common purpose and both of you can be happy? Its not complicated but needs patience and perseverance. Have you ever convinced a child to behave herself or eat a vegetable ? Well, that’s negotiation. Ideally this should be taught in school. But you what it takes to learn the skill. Its never too late.


What is personal growth and how to get started

3. Physical wellness

Goals or relationships cant buy you health. But what you eat, how you move and your sleep does in long term. There is not one solution that will work for every one. Here are some general guidelines that has worked for me.

a. your mental health is more important than you think

Mental health in simple terms is how you feel about yourself. Did you know that a human can think think between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day for a day ? The first step is awareness. Know how you feel. Click here to more about mental heath from CDC. Some tips include:

  • Walking outdoors with no music. Let your mind wander
  • Take a notebook and write your thoughts. Let your heart speak.
  • Listen to music that calms you down.
  • Make time for non digital hours.
  • Meditate as needed.

Resources- Videos

b. Physical health – love your body

You know that leafy greens are good for you. But why is it easy to grab fries over a vegetable ? Its not that you don’t know what to eat but rather its how to meet your emotional needs while making the time to make meals that comfort you. Often you are fatigued and you take the shortcut. Who doesn’t? Unless you have help its challenging to eat right all the time. My coach says “Food is like fuel to your body”. I think “But what about my emotions? “ It’s not that I am not aware that emotional eating is bad for me but it’s a way I cope to feed my emotion at that time. Here are some ways that has worked for me on my good days and I repeat – on my good days.

  • Eat ONLY when you are hungry. I don’t follow a schedule when to eat.
  • Buy your junk food in a convenience since you can get smaller portions.
  • Don’t keep snacks at your eye level.
  • Get smaller plates and bowls.
  • Avoid making decisions on “what to cook” during a weekday. Plan them ahead. This does not mean you have to meal prep. But sometimes making the decision is harder than actually making it. I follow a simple excel planner which I update every Sunday.


What is personal growth and how to get started

4. Spiritual Growth

Spirituality does not tie to a religion. As a kid I wondered why there were so many gods in the sky. My faith relies on an universal intelligence that helps and loves us everyday. Faith and trust in a source knowing that anything is possible is spiritual growth. Life has both good and not so pleasing events. Staying grounded to an energy amidst chaos can help you sail through life. Your conscious brain is going to reason out why its not going to work. But as long you trust your energy and have faith, miracles will continue to happen. Some tips that has worked for me

  • Do not over analyze. The sooner your accept the emotion, the easier it is to let go and be free.
  • Your journey can be very unique to you. You are a miracle and you are always guided. Stay true to you heart and have faith even if the world doesn’t agree.
  • Surrender and pray.


I have created a personal growth guide with editable goal setting templates that you can start right away. Click here to download.

Thank you for reading. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. The best gift you can give anyone is giving a path to personal growth. Go ahead and share this article with your friends and family because we all deserve to live our best lives.

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