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Anya Sankar Portfolio - Website Copywriting
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Client Testimonials

Anya’s copywriting is on point. She has a good understanding for the importance of SEO in her writing, but more importantly, how to write to the target audience. Writing is everything when it comes to engaging an audience, and I’m glad to have her working on copywriting projects for such an important part of my business.

Connor Talbott, Tall Town Design

I had the pleasure of working with Anya recently to plan for my company’s content marketing plan for 2023. She had a great framework document to help me think through my company’s values, customer personas, business goals, and content types. Anya’s curiosity, knowledge of marketing content strategy, and passion for writing make her a great partner for any business!

Rachel Nussbaum, Specular TV

Anya helped with social media content for my services. She is quick and understands your needs right away. Would highly recommend her service. Her creativity along with her knowledge helps with your business strategy.

Vasanthi Senthil, Yogapadi

I worked with Lavanya to improve my LinkedIn profile visibility as I was not getting enough traffic. Lavanya in a single meeting guided me with subtle changes which improved my profile’s visibility and within the next 3 days, I saw >100X more profile views from recruiters. I also recommend Lavanya’s resume services. The changes Lavanya recommended allowed my resume to pass the ATS checks. Thanks a lot, Lavanya for landing me more interviews calls than I could handle :)

Partha Sarma, Amazon

Anya is an incredible content strategist. I worked with her to create a content strategy plan for my existing writing. She came so well prepared, and had reviewed my existing content. Not only did she articulate the key themes I was writing on, she helped me think through what I was trying to achieve. The guide that she created for me is dynamic, and one that I can use to create my own strategy. Since then, my writing has become more strategic , and I have a framework that I follow. On a personal note, I’ve known her since we were student in the course women of entrepreneurial leadership, and I’ve been impressed by her journey to create a life of purpose. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who wants to work on content strategy and SEO.

Aditi Patil, Leadership Coach

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