March 30, 2022

How to be successful at work

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It’s Sunday afternoon and you begin to wonder how your week is going to turn out. Deep inside you know you have so much to offer. But you get caught up with politics or the work load is too much and you need a chance to breathe. The pandemic has changed a lot in your life but that feeling of not going to work on Monday still remains close. If you feel this way, you are in the right place. Let’s talk about the 5 Most Important Skills to be Successful at Work.

Like everyone else, my career had its ups and downs. I have spent ten years in different industries but there is a common theme. Unless you speak out, no one cares. Sometimes even when you speak the truth, no one cares. But you got to believe in what you offer and show up with confidence every day. It doesn’t matter what degree you have, these skills when practiced in the right context will make you successful.

  1. Negotiation
  2. Time Management
  3. Building Relationships
  4. Learning & Development
  5. Patience

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Skills for Success at workplace

The 5 Most Crucial Skills for Success at Work

1) Learn negotiation

It sounds fancy but it’s not. Negotiation is simply expressing what you want in a clear and precise manner, listen with attention and find an agreement that can work both ways. Life is all about negotiation whether you realize it or not. You want to be heard and so does the other person. The more you don’t communicate, the more resentment you have towards yourself and others. Missed that promotion? It begins with Negotiation.

Know your worth and ask what you deserve.

I didn’t know how to ask for a promotion or handle conflicts. I was scared to tell my needs to the management. Everyone wants to win and make their story heard. I realized my story matters too.

Some quick tips to help you get started.

  • State what you want and after that be ready for discussion.
  • Practice Active Listening.
  • If you don’t agree, say it aloud.
  • Its okay not to be liked by every one. Be your own cheerleader.
  • Above all, Find the common purpose.

Books that can help you learn the skill

  1. Never split the difference
  2. Crucial conversation
  3. You’re Not Listening: What You’re Missing and Why It Matters
Negotiation- 5 Most Crucial Skills For Success

2) Take Control of your time

In today’s culture it’s a norm to say that you are busy. Ideally you want to be productive and they want to imply that they are doing so well which translates to “ I have got a lot to do”. Let’s break this down. Whether you are running a company or working in a part of a team, you have 24 hours. As a human you need to rest to perform better.

Time is your biggest asset. Use it wisely.

At work, things can be thrown at you randomly. I remember a time when I was running a meeting trying to engage the group and at the same time the team was sending me a private message. At one time, I am responding to a message, keeping the agenda on track and engaging the team. At that point I was working but not in the most effective way. You cant change everyone’s expectations but you can begin to set yours In a way that works for you and the team.

Some quick tips to help you get started.

  • Keep your meetings short. Respect everyone’s time
  • Set boundaries when you can work and when you need time for yourself/ family.
  • Develop habits that work for you.
  • Know your priorities and set focus hours
  • Most importantly, do one task at a time.

Books that can truly change your time game

  1. Atomic Habits
  2. Indistractible, how to control your attention and choose you want
  3. The power of habit
Time Management- 5 Most Crucial Skills for Success at Work

3) Build meaningful relationships

Networking is all about building relationships that are mutually beneficial. According to Scientist Matthew Lieberman, our need to connect is as fundamental as our need for food and water. With the platforms we have today, you can connect to any one in the world in an instant. Just like that one connection can lead you to a new experience or a job opening. Terrified to engage? A question is a great start.

Your network is your net-worth.

Stuck in your career and if you have no idea where to begin, examine network that you have. Divide them into Key connectors, development group and Mentors/peers/friends. More info in the diagram below.

Some resources to help you get started

Networking- 5 Most Crucial Skills for Success at Work

4. Invest in your development

Education doesn’t end with a degree. Having a mindset for continuous learning will keep you growing no matter what age you are. You are an asset to the company. Most companies today spend resources on personal development. Universities also offer continuous education programs for working professionals. You just need to put in the time.

Once you become a life long learner, you never get stuck.

Making Time to learn can seem like a daunting task. When you have a curious mind, you begin to enjoy the process of learning. It’s developing a habit to invest in yourself no matter how much work you have. I always set aside one hour every week on a topic that I was interested. I made best of the resources to learn courses that I loved. It only made me more productive because when you take a break, you can get so much done.

Some resources to help you get started

  • Look at basic courses.
  • Make time to learn.
  • Don’t be shy in asking questions.
  • Look for advisors /experts who can guide you.
  • Talk to your boss about your goals and align your learning objectives.

Some of my Favorite Resources

Learning - 5 Most Crucial Skills for Success at Work

5) Be patient with yourself

Patience is a very under rated skill. At work, one moment can turn out to be so awkward in an instant. Some meetings you are prepared and while others come as a surprise. As a professional you need to stay calm and really understand the situation. Controlling your emotions in a tense situation is not a gift every one possesses. I remind myself every day that I can only control how I respond. At those circumstances you understand the true nature of your team or your company or your manager. This can help you make crucial decisions at work.

Calmer Mind = Better Ideas = Successful Life

It’s easy to say about patience and being present while practicing them can be a challenge but it can be adapted through practices such as meditation or workout. Staying in the present moment helps you to think clearly about the problem. You can change your job but you are going to meet people who don’t always have the best interests for you all the time. Those times, try to be patient and understand how you can protect and be successful.

Some quick tips for a calmer mind.

  • Sit idle for a few minutes.
  • Having a hyper mind ? Dump it all through words or sing it out.
  • Having a rush of emotions? Abort everything and head out for a walk.

Some books that will help you :)

  1. The Power of now
  2. Intuition
  3. Set Boundaries, find peace
Patience - 5 Most Crucial Skills for Success at Work

In conclusion, your story is worthy, and you deserve to be successful. It takes an enormous amount of courage to start learning a skill and even if you take one skill from this article, you should so be proud of yourself. If you know some one who could benefit from these skills, please share this post.

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As you strive to be the best version of yourself, make time to learn, unwind, ask for help when needed and most of all be patient and kind to yourself.

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